Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

Busy solving the wrong problems?

The coherent brain is more creative, decisive and productive.


Your brain is designed to keep you focused, on track, on the right track!

The prefrontal cortex, the “CEO” of the CEO, takes the unimaginably large and constant stream of unconscious sensory information, assigns value to each representation, and then determines the priority in context of your momentary and longer term goals, while fighting off a world of distracters.

Research and business experience clearly expose the dangers of an incoherent, largely unconscious decision-making apparatus: CEO failure.

T10 percent brainhis danger is more common than appreciated and is related to the relative lack of awareness, the general lack of unaccountability of much of our decisions-making process. When the brain is functioning incoherently, awareness is reduced, our judgment can be easily tricked and distorted and mistakes occur…clarity and creativity are lost.

Too much stress, lack of sleep and exercise, and a torrent of information clog the pipeline of decision-making.

They conspire to reduce the ability of the prefrontal cortex, your central executive, to functioning properly…these influences take your CEO progressively ‘offline.’ As a result, when the brain is functioning at stress-induced, low levels of coherence and integration, your CEO fails to properly regulate higher, rational, executive functions. In particular, higher functions easily become distorted by the largely unconscious emotional and mental processes, and biases. As a result, when the CEO is not coherently functioning, our awareness is reduced and the brain’s integrative nexus for all forms of intelligence essential for leadership—technical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral—leads us astray. Brain incoherence is the essential enemy of not only efficiency, but more importantly, effectiveness…doing the right thing!

coherent brain

Your brain CEO works wonders for you when it is in an integrated, coherent state.

Because your CEO is responsible for selecting, maintaining and manipulating information in your awareness, the quality of its functioning determines your creativity, your insight, foresight, and decisiveness. It is a core determining factor in creative decision-making and thus influencing the fortune of your life and your organization.

Practical, brain-based technologies are available to increase the orderliness and coherence of the CEO of every CEO, thereby providing greater development of ones creative potential to create a stable platform for effective decision-making.

Find out how the easy to implement training programs of The Leader’s Brain can maximize brain coherence, and harness the full potential of creative decision-making.

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