Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

Upgrade the Executive Brain

Breakthrough Science and Technology of Leadership

Optimizing Thought, Decision-Making, and Action Through Increasing Brain Coherence from Evidence-Based Brain Fitness Techniques


The Leader’s Brain is a simple, pragmatic, and scientific research-based program.

The program has a simple, three-step logic based on empirical research, not belief or opinion:

  • Leadership excellence is related to one’s creative potential.
  • Creative potential is correlated with integrative functioning of the brain’s CEO.
  • One can maximally increase brain coherence and integration by evidence-based techniques of brain fitness.

CONCLUSION: Although there are numerous leadership programs available, research indicates that the programs offered by Dr. Alarik Arenander and The Leader’s Brain can reliably and measurably lead to the highest levels of leadership performance.

  • Brain Coherence: Programs offered by The Leader’s Brain increase brain integration and coherence which support the development of the highest levels of personal growth and leadership performance.
  • Brain-Based Metrics: Leadership programs offered by The Leader’s Brain provide a unique, integrated, brain-based metrics to track personal growth and leadership development. These metrics provide objective evidence of an individual’s personal progress and effectively demonstrate a return on investment.
  • High Performance Organizations: Great leaders demonstrate more productivity for themselves and their organizations, the results of which are proven in the marketplace as improved business agility, increased profitability, and greater returns on shareholder value.

Using the programs offered by The Leader’s Brain, anyone can realize their personal and professional aspirations to be a great leader.

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