Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

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Now, you and your organization can take full advantage of ongoing discoveries of modern neuroscience. The Leader’s Brain offers the essence of neuroleadership by maximizing global brain coherence through the marvelous, lifelong ability of the human brain to be plastic.


Plasticity is the inherent ability of the brain to adapt and rewire itself as a consequence of each experience.

The good news is that plasticity is unstoppable, continuously responsive to our stream of experience as shown by decades of research. The bad news is that if put the same set of experiences in each day, nature recreates the same brain, evident in the usual stagnancy of personal development. The really bad news is that unhealthy experiences that predominate in the world of business—lack of proper sleep, stress, substance abuse, etc.—mold an increasingly unhealthy, incoherent brain reflected in the progressive loss of quality of life on all levels, including leadership ability.

There are so many flavors of human intelligence and so little time to maximize their expression.

Research offers an integrative view of the various, usually separate and fragmented, forms of human intelligence: technical, cognitive, emotional, social and moral. The prefrontal cortex—the CEO of the CEO—can easily be upgraded in a natural and effective manner, through increased coherent functioning, to simultaneously support all the various modes of intelligence to allow more critical thinking and problem solving, better emotional and social interactions, improved organizational vision and better personal health.

Leadership training

Leadership training is inadequate because it leaves the executive mired in the field of ‘doing.’

Neuroscience provides an intriguing picture of brain dynamics underlying the complexities of leadership acting, thinking and being. Research demonstrates that the executive control of ‘doing’ is controlled by neural activity associated with the state of ‘being’. Thus, like the game of golf, leadership activity is best performed from a platform of a quiet, coherent, settled level of mind. After decades of frustrating, incremental advancement in the field of leadership development, research documents that the technology introduced by The Leader’s Brain is a reliable and practical tool to provide this profound inner, settled experience of ‘being,’ or restful alertness, which fully engages the inherent potential of brain plasticity by creating global brain coherence. As a result, the individual is able to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ effect of personal stage development, reach higher levels of command over accelerating change, complexity and uncertainty in the global market, a hallmark of the highest levels of leadership ability.

Neuroscience research in the years to come will continue to make significant contributions towards understanding what makes a great leader, but The Leader’s Brain offers programs today that actually enliven global brain plasticity to delivery maximum growth of brain coherence and hence, maximum personal and professional growth.

Enjoy the full development of your brain’s marvelous capabilities. Find out why the future of Neuroleadership is available today.

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