Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

What is the main determinant of how well an executive or CEO performs? What distinguishes high versus low performance leaders?

Research points to the ‘CEO’ of the brain—the prefrontal cortex—as the core of leadership performance.

Meet the CEO

Meet the CEO of the CEO—the prefrontal cortex, an asset which at once is most essential for success, yet our most vulnerable asset, placing us at greatest risk for failure.

The prefrontal cortex is responsible for executive control of the brain. It is responsible for orchestrating all aspects of brain function. This brain area is the integrative nexus for all forms of intelligence. Most importantly, the full, orderly functioning of the prefrontal cortex—the brain’s CEO—is fundamental to achieving the fullest level of personal development possible. CEO failure can be traced to incoherent prefrontal cortex function. YET, this brain region is most sensitive to stress and lack of sleep and substance abuse, all of which severely reduce its ability to function properly.

Brain coherence and integration

Brain coherence and integration determine the levels of transformational growth and leadership performance. Since virtually every leader wants to constantly improve their executive performance it is incumbent on them to improve the degree of coherent brain functioning.

EEG brain coherence, especially of the brain’s CEO, significantly correlates with dramatic improvements in overall brain functioning, thinking and behavior that are produced during and after practice of the TM technique.

The Leader’s Brain emphasizes quantification of the leader’s CEO and brain physiology, the basis of leadership capacities.

Leadership Technology

As a breakthrough science and technology of leadership, The Leader’s Brain offers exciting empirical insights and instructive lessons as to how the brain of a leader works and research-proven techniques that can reliably and measurably enhanced transformational stage development and dramatically increase creativity and decisiveness. (see ‘Stage’ of potential growth in graph).

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