Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

Leadership, Brain Potential, Transformational Growth, Human Resources


Leader’s Brain offers presentations and training programs for transformational growth of leaders across the entire talent pipeline and every level of business activity.

  • The CEO of the CEO: How Brain Executive Function Determines Decision-Making and Leads to Sustainability or to Failure
  • Transformational Stage Development as the Basis for Leadership Performance
  • BrainMapping Metrics to Quantify and Track Leadership Growth
  • Unlocking Intuition and Creative Potential to Drive Innovation
  • Integrity vs. Profits: Brain-based Path to the Profitable High Road
  • Empowering Change: How the Brain Helps or Hinders
  • Redefining Leadership: Enliven All Intelligences in One Brain
  • Who’s In Charge? How Experience Drives Emotions and Decisions
  • Research-based Technologies that Markedly Reduce Stress and Healthcare Costs
  • Brain-based Ethics
  • Creating Meaningful Values to Drive Productivity

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