Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

Why a ‘new’ program after literally thousands of books and tens of thousands of articles in the field of leadership? Why does there suddenly appear a theretofore unappreciated logic and strategy?


Scientific advances are not always rapidly embraced and utilized. There is always a lag in the availability and the use of innovative approaches. Those who are first to recognize and employ the power inherent in a new technology will be the first recipients of the advantages it offers.

This program is a best-practice:

  • Evidence-based, scientifically documented to work quickly, profoundly and extensively.
  • Easy to implement in a time-sensitive environment.
  • Capable of producing the desired results for the individual and organization.
  • Cost-effective with unique brain-based metrics. A fraction of the cost of most programs that yield far less in measurable outcomes.
  • Complementary and highly supportive of current leadership strategies. Our programs are amplifiers of your current efforts.
  • Culture neutral, yet enhances core personal values. Does not require any belief or philosophical acceptance or lifestyle change.Leadership training

Fifty years of research clearly indicates a ‘glass ceiling’ remains virtually unbroken in leadership development separating the good to poor leaders from the great leaders. While leadership programs can shift some individuals laterally in a horizontal expansion mode, for example, developing new skills, knowledge or greater feedback, rarely, if ever, has a program demonstrated the ability to reliably and measurably shift leaders to the higher, most desirable and successful tiers of personal growth and transformation.

The Leader’s Brain provides the growth opportunity for any leader to penetrate this upper tier of personal development by dramatically increasing the orderliness and integrative power of the brain’s CEO and thus developing their full brain and creative potential.

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