Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

Maximizing Personal Development Through the Practice of an Evidence-based Technology.


The greatest need in leadership training is to overcome the premature ‘freezing’ of creative potential in 90% of business individuals.

Research over the last 30 years has shown that the personal development of an individual’s mental potential stops and plateaus prematurely, and that continued growth to realize inherent more complex and comprehensive cognitive and emotional capabilities is highly unlikely after this shift during high school years.

Studies point to a strong linkage between level of personal development/creative potential and degree of brain integration.

Scientific research is beginning to suggest that inherently high levels of brain coherence underlie the ability of a small, 10%, of individuals to reach the higher more powerful and successful postconventional stages of personal growth between E7 to E9. It is also likely that the majority of individuals that remain across their adult lives in the conventional tier of personal development, E4-E6, possess lower levels of brain integration and coherence. Since research conducted with thousands of executives shows that this large body of individuals using a fraction of their creative potential, leadership development must utilize methods to increase brain coherence.


With this science and technology, business can now tap into this enormous reservoir of creative potential.

The Leader’s Brain offers researched-based programs that optimize the brain’s CEO enabling more and more of the brain’ intrinsic capabilities to be available—‘online.” The net result is enhanced leadership performance. Programs offered by The Leader’s Brain emphasize quantification of an executive’s’ brain physiology, the basis of leadership capacities.

As a breakthrough science and technology of leadership, The Leader’s Brain offers exciting empirical insights and instructive lessons as to how the brain of a leader works and research-proven techniques that can reliably and systematically enhance transformational stage development and dramatically increase creativity and decisiveness of thinking and behavior.

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