Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

Soaring Healthcare costs eating up profits?

The coherent brain is more energetic, clearer thinking and
more resilient to the effects of stress..


Your brain is not designed to perform well under constant stress.

The rapid increas­es in business complexity and change fuels workplace stress which negatively impacts leader­ship performance. This growing stress severely reduces our ability to learn, think and act coherently and takes a big toll on personal and family health, and therefore corporate resources and productivity.

Stress damages your CEO.

Today’s work environment is full of stress, pressure, fatigue, poor diet, lack of exercise, as well as far too much alcohol and even drugs. Individually and collectively these distort brain functioning and lead to dysfunction of the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s CEO. In fact, research shows that individuals exhibiting the most highly functional CEOs are most at risk under stress for brain-based failure and mistakes.

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Pressure and stress shut down executive functions: “stress dumbs us down.”

With chronic stress, your CEO goes progressively ‘offline.’ That is why an individual under prolonged stress has a tendency to be more negative, more distractible, more emotionally unstable, to exhibit detrimental lapses in judgment, to respond to daily demands without thinking—and make impulsive, reactive, shortsighted decisions. This state of mind leads to a progressive loss of balance and integration in mind and body. Stress corrupts our thinking and behavior and leads to ill health, suffering and shortened lifespan. All of these changes negatively impact organizational performance and sustainability at any level of the organization.

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We offer brain-based techniques to counteract the deleterious effects of stress in the work environment and promote optimal mind-body functioning.

The Leader’s Brain can optimize the brain’s CEO functioning, enabling the brain to become more ‘online.” The result is improved physiological balance and health. Our programs quantify the benefits of an upgraded executive brain. Increasing the coherence of the executive CEO will reliably and measureably enhance health along with transformational stage development and dramatically increase creativity and decisiveness.

By reliably creating greater brain coherence, the harmful effects of stress on mind and body are significantly reduced leading to improved energy, clarity of thinking, increased mind-body health, greater balance between family and professional life, and considerable reduction in corporate health care costs.

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