Brain Coherence:
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A more coherent brain can reliably advance personal stage
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The human brain is designed to be a powerful instrument to express the fullest possible degress of creative potential.

During the 25 years of early brain development, the prefrontal cortex is targeted to become the nexus of executive integration encompassing the most powerful and comprehensive modes of awareness and decision-making. With the proper educational training, the brain is capable of fully expressing its inherent potential and performing successfully under the most demanding and challenging circumstances.

There is unfortunately a tragic under-development of integrative brain development and human potential, and thus the 'engine' of personal and organization success.


10 percent brain

The field of leadership development (LD) has systematically failed to mobilize the most important asset of leadership: the creative potential of each member of the business. Business research documents that about 90% of business people are working, since about high school age, in a prematurely 'frozen state' of human development. However, the good news is that these same individuals possess tremendous creative potential waiting to be tapped by the proper technologies. Fortunately, technologies exist that can reliably facilitate growth to higher levels of 'upper tier' performance expected by stakeholders. But, until this happens, the performance of these ‘middle tier,’ conventional stage individuals is significantly lacking.

During human development, every individual progresses through an invariant sequence or stages of mental, emotional, and behavioral capacities.

coherent brainOne can identify six core functions to the prefrontal cortex that help define or characterize each stage of development in humans: awareness, values, self-control or self-regulation motivation, creativity and decision-making. As one progresses through stages of personal development ones' cognitive framework, rules of engagement, interpersonal dynamics, etc. expand and become more complex and comprehensive. In turn, individuals leadership ability shift from ‘poor’, to ‘good’, to ‘great’ categories of personal and organization influence. As an individual moves upward throught increasingly higher levels of development, he or she is increasingly able to more actively and successfully engage the rapidly increasing change, uncertainty and complexity of today's business environment.

Data suggest that about 10% of individuals manage to reach the higher stages of personal growth that are capable of welcoming and commanding the intense change, complexity and uncertainty of global business dynamics.

Fundamental ProblemThese top 10% of individuals in the top tier are associated with greatness in leadership ability based on the Leadership Development Profile. Scientific research has shown that only approximately 1% of all CEO’s and high level managers function from the highest available level of transfor­mational growth and potential (‘P’ in graph). Further, only about 10% are functioning in the top tier (see, The Power of Balance, and Action Inquiry by Torbert and Associates and Leadership Agility, Joiner and Josephs). Brainwave research suggests that as individuals move upward into the top tier, their brains become more integrated and coherent, and thus more powerful engines of comprehensive and timely decision-making.

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