Brain Coherence:
The ultimate competitive edge

Losing marketshare and people and not sure why?

The coherent brain adapts easily and thrives in a world of change,
complexity, and uncertainty.


Your brain is a “prediction” machine.

It assimilates and integrates the ceaseless patterns of change, sorts and prioritizes the complexities, and then reduces uncertainty by generating a best estimation—prediction—of the most rewarding and successful path of action.

We’ve all heard or read that people rarely use more than 10% of their full mental potential. That’s because for the vast majority of people the brain works at very low levels integration and coherence.


10 percent brain

When an executive’s brain is working at low (also known as “normal”) levels of integration and coherence, the potential for high performance and accurate prediction inherent in each human brain is not fully expressed. As a result, most managers and executives do not easily adapt to change: they see problems and obstacles, not “opportunity knocking;” they don’t recognize global complexity as a source of innovation, or unpredictability as an enjoyable, enriching challenge. In other words, low levels of brain coherence create a competitive weakness. The accompanying inability to take advantage of the dramatic global remapping of business and to properly utilize the most valuable business asset—the creative potential of employees—leads to competitive failure, lack of success, and other nasty surprises.

coherent brain

Research and personal experience clearly document the brain’s predictive function in every aspect of human endeavor, including business success.

Our ability to predict is evident everywhere in the success of our: family life, stock portfolio, leadership, and business innovation. The nexus of this predictive capability in the human brain is the prefrontal cortex—the CEO of the CEO—and its coherent functioning is at the basis of our leadership success. Find out how the pragmatic, research-based programs of The Leader’s Brain can maximize brain coherence, and harness the full potential of this inherent predictive/decision-making capability.

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